DJ Harrison Ripps

Planning kick-ass parties since 1993.
DJing them since 2005.

Totally Normal Dance Mix airs on the First Friday of each month.


You can listen in on my monthly sets on the first Friday of each month, 8pm US Eastern Time (GMT-4). It's typically a mix of high energy dance music and hip-hop. Content warning! I mainly use the censored versions of most tracks for my livestreams but can't guarantee it! You can tune in on your platform of choice:

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Instagram: @DJHarrisonRipps
Facebook: @DJHarrisonRipps
Twitter: @DJHarrisonRipps

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I've set up a web store at - have a look! I'll update the product offerings from time to time based on listener feedback.

Plan Dance Party, Throw Dance Party.

COVID-19 is a downer, but it won’t be here forver. When we can party again, consider me when you start thinking about:


Cocktail, Dinner, and Dance music for celebrations and fun gatherings. I can put together a set for most genres.

Party Planning

Backyard celebration? Ornate, catered fancy-dress party? Recreating the casino from a Bond movie? I can help!


Need some signature cocktails for that big event? I can help you pick something perfect–from modern greats back to prohibition-era classics.

About Me

I started DJing parties back in the early 2000s. No special gear; just putting together set lists, reading the room, and picking the right tracks. A few years ago I finally got my first DJ controller, and the rest is history. During the global pandemic, I took it to the next level -- I did a weekly DJ set every Friday, the 'Quarantine Dance Mix', and through that effort I cultivated a huge catalog of dance sets for every occasion. These days I still livestream monthly to keep building my skills.

My party planning chops go back even further. I started doing major event planning for my college back in the 90s and have had a hand in putting together some pretty great events for all budgets ever since. Check out the AsciiTeam site for info on how to contact me for services!

Get In Touch

I’m not booking any events during the pandemic, but happy to talk about your post COVID-19 party plans!

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